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Meeting with Izhevsk cadets who visited Brest

On December 18, the Head of the City of Izhevsk Oleg Bekmemetev met with the Izhevsk cadets who visited the Republic of Belarus in early December.

On November 30, the 11 best cadets from the School of Young Pilots and the Border Cadet Center went to the twin city of Izhevsk Brest to participate in the solemn ceremony of the Post №1 service on the territory of the Brest Hero Fortress memorial complex.

For the first time, our cadets stood at Post №1 of the Brest Fortress. Izhevsk children were awarded this honour thanks to the current Agreement on the establishment of twinning relations and cooperation between cities.

At a meeting with the Head of the City, the cadets shared their emotions from visiting Brest.

For Alina Vikulina, a student of the 9th grade of School №7, a cadet at the School of Young Pilots, the trip turned out to be very interesting, ‘I am still full of emotions, Brest is an amazing city with a thousand-year history, and I am happy that I had the opportunity to get acquainted with culture and the history of this hero city, see it with my own eyes.’

Nikolai Chaynikov, a student of the 10th grade of School №85, a cadet of the Border Center, thanked the Head of the City of Izhevsk for the opportunity to visit the Republic of Belarus.

‘As part of the guard of honour, we were able to worthily honour the memory of the ancestors who accomplished the great deed and sacrificed their lives during the years of World War II. Having visited the museums of Brest and excursions, I learned a lot about this unique city. I want to visit it again,’ Nikolai said.

Oleg Bekmemetev assured the cadets that the participation of the Izhevsk cadets in the international memory watch on the territory of the Brest Fortress will become a good tradition and will continue from year to year.

Next year, a delegation from Izhevsk will take part in in the guard of honour at Post №1 in Best, too.

Olga Shakhova, director of the School of Young Pilots, said that while visiting Brest, the children did not only take part in the service ceremony at the memorial complex ‘Brest Hero Fortress’. Also, an informative and eventful excursion programme was developed for them with visits to museums, historical places and schools of the cadet movement.

‘The children felt the responsibility of the moment, the pride of the country and their city – they were the first to do it. In five days we visited seven museums. It was an unforgettable trip for everyone! ‘

The delegation of Izhevsk cadets brought an inch of Brest land with them. The unique showpiece will be kept at the Museum of the School of Young Pilots.  

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